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China One-stop PCB fabrication PCBA for Foot Bath Massager

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China One-stop PCB fabrication  PCBA for Foot Bath Massager

Intelssm Electronics is a one-stop electronics manufacturing leader in China, who has more than 12 years’experience in PCB and PCBA

fabrication and exporting. With intelligent engineering team and advanced production lines, we are focused on solutions providing, PCB 

fabrication, components sourcing, SMT, THT, function testing and finally assembly. Our products can be widely used in smart home system, 

industry, security, medical facility and consumer electronics etc.

We supply both OEM & ODM Service.  Welcome for your inquiry. 

Production Capability
Number of copper clad layers 

Base Material
FR4, CEM-1, AI Base Board
Laminate materials

Max. Board Size

The design size of pcb should be within 380*380mm. 

The specifics are subject to documents.

Solder Mask Color
Color of solder mask

Board Thickness

The normal board thickness is 0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/


Finished Outer Layer

Copper Thickness

1oz~2oz (35um~70um)

The normal thickness of outer copper foil on circuit

board is 1oz. Please note if 2oz needed.

Finished Inner Layer

Copper Thickness


The normal thickness of inner layer copper foil  is 


Drilling Aperture

(power drill)


Min. hole size is 0.2mm, max. hole size is 6.3mm.

 >6.3mm should be separately processed. 

Min. Line Width

Line width of multilayer board is 3.5mil, line width

of single and Double sided board is 5mil.

Min. Line Space

Line space of multilayer board is 3.5mil, line space

of single and Double sided board is 5mil.

Min. connection hole

and diameter

Min. hole is 0.2mm

min diameteris 0.45mm

Min. hole size of multilayer board is 0.2mm, min. 

diameter is 0.45mm. Min. hole size of double 

sided board is 0.3mm, min. diameter is 0.6mm.

Min. clearance distance

The parameter is limit value, it should be greater 

than it.

Min. welding ring

The parameter is limit value, it should be greater

than it.

Min. Legend Widt

The width is 6mil, the height is


The parameter is limit value, it should be greater

than it.

Surface Finish
HASL, ENIG, Plated Gold, Immersion Gold, OSP
SMT Supply Capacity
30000pcs components/hour
Testing Service
Acceptable File Format
Gerber file, PCB file, BOM

PCB Assembly PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly PCB Assembly

PCB Fabrication PCB Fabrication PCB Fabrication PCB Fabrication

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trade company?

A: We are a manufacturer & trade company.

Q: What services can you offer?

A: We provide one-stop electronic manufacturing services from design, PCB fabrication, components sourcing, 

SMT production, THT production and testing before delivery.

Q: Can we have samples?

A: Samples can be provided. However, larger quantity, lower price.

Q: What information do you need when inquiry?

A: Please supply PCB file, Gerber file or BOM list.

Company Name:  

Wenzhou Intelssm Electronics Co., Ltd    




Building 21, Area B, Pingyang Economic Development Zone,

Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Tel: 86-577-63292399

Fax: 86-577-23800120

E-mail: alice.h@intelssm.com

Skype: aliceintelssm

Mobile: +86-15757777065

Welcome to our website! Please send your words at any time in the following form and ask us, we will contact you and provide you with the corresponding service as soon as possible. Please write in English.

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